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 CTI is a nonprofit agency in Lowell, Massachusetts. We believe that housing security is a crucial step in the war against poverty, and a cornerstone in reaching the goal of self sufficiency.


  • Landlords offering available rentals on this site, are committed to follow Federal and State tenant and anti-discrimination laws.
  • CTI is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any of the listing descriptions provided.  All information contained in listing descriptions was provided by, and is the responsibility of the landlords.
  • Potential tenants shall not be charged any fees unrelated to their monthly lease payments. Fees that may not be charged include: broker fees, finders' fees, holding fees, etc.
  • Please contact CTI immediately if any of these disclaimers is violated. You can reach Avi Glaser at (978) 654-5802 or contact us via the website.
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